Welcome to Nepal Pollinator Network

The Nepal Pollinator Network was created to bring together, individuals, naturalists, educators, scientists, and policymakers who are passionate about pollinators in Nepal. The main objective of the platform is to share knowledge and promote awareness on one of the most neglected species on this planet.

The Nepal Pollinator Network believes that without awareness among general people, there will be no strong on-ground conservation action to protect the declining pollinators of Nepal. This group aims to initiate positive dialogue on important conservation issues with the general public as well as administration through workshops and awareness programs. The Nepal Pollinator Network also aims to build a strong online platform for easy access to information on pollinators of Nepal.

Pollinator Resource Center

The Nepal Pollinator Network will be constantly updating its knowledge bank. We will be working tirelessly to put together a unique resource center for Nepal pollinators.

If you are looking for published papers, PhD thesis, photo and video documentation, field observations, popular articles, interviews, and list of Nepali researchers who are currently studying pollinators.

We are in the process of building a mixed-skills team to provide relevant content to this section. If you are keen on contributing through your expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, please contact nepalipollinatornetwork@gmail.com.

We believe that working collaboratively with people with specialized skills in pollinators research will help this platform reach its intended objective.

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Honey bees


Butterflies and Moths

Environmental Education

One of the most effective ways of raising awareness is through education. The education institutions across the world have been doing that for centuries. Our primary faculties and psychological state are mostly tuned based on the type of education we receive. According to UNESCO, “Environmental education is a way of implementing the goals of environmental protection. It is not a separate branch of science but a lifelong interdisciplinary field of study.”The Environmental Education course kit developed by the Nepal Pollinator Network

Environmental Education Course Kit

The Environmental Education for Pollinator Awareness course kit can be downloaded on request.
The course kit includes:

  • Guideline manual
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the course
  • Resource material
  • Course evaluation forms

The main objective of this program is to provide every participant with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, values and basic skills needed to protect and improve the environment for pollinators of Nepal. The objective outlined can be assessed based on four measurable outcomes:


The Nepal Pollinator Network is a young and growing network in Nepal.